About ScopeLED
Image of a technican operating G-Series microscope illuminator.
ScopeLED is a designer and manufacturer of microscope illuminators for brightfield and fluorescence microscopy applications. Using advanced Dense Matrix LED™ technology, ScopeLED provides innovative, energy-saving, reliable solutions for microscope lighting.

Microscope lighting has long relied on energy-inefficient broadband light sources. Traditional illuminators require extra and careful maintenance as they emit an enormous amount of heat, burn out quickly. With the tremendous progress of LED technology, these problems can all be eradicated. LEDs produce little heat, are long lasting, and emit one wavelength per chip, making them the most versatile and customizable light source on the market. Moreover, the advancement of the Dense Matrix LED™ platform allows for the consolidation of multiple wavelengths in one compact array, providing a consistent, reliable solution for scientists who need to cycle through different wavelengths to elicit various effects.

Leveraging more than 25 years of photonics experience, DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc. founded ScopeLED to bring Dense Matrix LED™ technology to the scientific market. With offerings for both bright field and fluorescence illumination, ScopeLED will continue to find new ways to apply this platform to better serve the industry.