Software Download

The DiCon/ScopeLED USB command adapter software provides an easy interface between the ScopeLED HID (human Interface Device) illuminators and the lower level communication with windows. Once installed, it will check to see if the device is connected and recognized by windows and report back the model and serial number in a hyper terminal window. Commands sent via the USB communication port to the device will be interfaced to Windows OS through this program.

Items Download Software Download Instruction
ScopeLED Communication Adapter RAR N/A
Software for MSB/MSP Series Illuminators ZIP N/A
G-Series for Windows ZIP PDF
B-Series and F-Series for Windows ZIP N/A


Datasheet Download

Items Download Datasheet
B-Series Brightfield Illuminator PDF
F-Series Fluorescence Illuminator PDF
G-Series G150 Table Top / Pole Mount Illuminator PDF
G-Series G180 Table Top / Pole Mount Illuminator PDF
G-Series G250 Table Top / Pole Mount Illuminator PDF
Light Guides Datasheet PDF


Quick Start Guide Download

Items Download Quick Start Guide
B-Series Quick Start Guide PDF
F-Series Quick Start Guide PDF
G150 / G180 Series Quick Start Guide PDF
G250 Series Quick Start Guide PDF


Operation Manual Download

Items Download Operation Manual
B-Series Operation Manual PDF
B-Series Sample Code ZIP
F-Series Operation Manual PDF
G150 Series Operation Manual PDF
G180 Series Operation Manual PDF
G250 Series Operation Manual PDF